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Re: New Jurassic Park 3 Shot

Hello Ray and all,

Well, I was there at Winston's studio when the spino was created. From
beginning design stages to almost full completion of the animatronics. This
is a shot of him. The light and shadow in this shot make it look rather
strange. There are a lot of  anatomical inaccuracies in the reconstruction
unfortunately, but they were done to make the animal look more menacing.
Wait till you see the full design. It's rather nice, Crash McCreery did a
wonderful job.

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> >...This is Not the T-Rex! This IS
> the spinosaur! You can even see the sail behind the head on the right in
> photo.<
>     I am not so sure the thing on the right side of the head is part of an
> extended 'spine' (seems very misplaced if it is) of a Spinosaurus.  Also,
> the muzzle shown is so wide as to make the 'restoration' look ridiculous
> it is put forward as representing a Spinosaurus of any kind.  Again, if
> thing shown is intended to represent Spinosaurus, then the snout is really
> funny, because, for example, Suchomimus tenerensis' (rumored to have
> inspired the JP3 star dino) snout is quite bizarre in its most remarkable
> narrowness.  In fact Suchomimus' muzzle was so narrow as to virtually
> convince me (quite aside from the shape of its teeth) that it was almost
> exclusively a fish eater (except maybe when a fish supply was very sparse,
> and maybe then it became a scavenger).
>     I doubt movie actors would appeal to Suchomimus (at least), unless it
> were very, very hungry.  :)
>     Ray Stanford
> -TM
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