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Re: ABSRD BAND on Sinornithosaurus feathers

In a message dated 3/20/01 11:24:19 AM EST, t_gmhuman@agency.com writes:

<< I don't really understand why one creature, a bird or protobird, which, say
 eats (insert your target food supply), has to evolve a special method to get
 rid of "excess" sulphur, when another creature, a mammal, say a protoshrew,
 which eats the same targtet food, does not appear to have to evolve a
 mechanism to do this. >>

It wouldn't be a >special< pathway, simply an >additional< one to those 
already available. Getting rid of excess sulfates seems to be a problem for 
all animals, from what little I've read about it. (Please correct me at once 
if I'm wrong!)