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Re: Big Dinosaur Prints Found

I seem to recall trackways with one foot showing 2 toes, but I think I've also seen tracks showing 2 toes on BOTH feet - clearly less likely an injury. Maybe a dromaeosaur? I am going on thin memories, but I seem to recall 2-toed tracks from Argentina and maybe elsewhere, but not Cretaceous, which I guess would smash the dromaeosaur idea... can anyone interpret what I've said?

 > Ah, but we're humans. We can take care of our injured, diseased, and
 > deformed. For the vast majority of animals, injury, disease, and/or
 > deformity leads to death far more readily.

There are theropod tracks showing an animal with only two toes on one foot,
i.e. an injury.  The chances for preservations like this are low, but not as
low as tail prints.  Dinosaurs have tails normally, so in their lives, the
chances that a tail mark will be fossilized doesn't seem too low.

I hope that was understandable...

Peace out, Demetrios

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