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Re: ABSRD BAND on Sinornithosaurus feathers

At 1:51 PM -0500 3/20/01, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 3/20/01 12:44:48 PM EST, TomHopp writes:

<< Nope. Just because it's small doesn't make it simple. >>

I said >could have occurred<, not >did occur<. But if as you say >all< body
functions are controlled by complex sets of genes in complicated interrelated
ways, then mutations would >never< be beneficial and evolution would not
happen. It would be >extremely< unlikely (we're talking 1/googolplex
probabilities here) for a complex suite of mutations to happen all at once
and also to be beneficial to the organism. There must be times, now and then,
when a single mutation produces a benefit to the organism despite the
complexity of all its genomic interrelationships etc., etc.

Point mutations is what I think you are referring to here.