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Re: Big Dinosaur Prints Found

In a message dated 3/20/01 11:01:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, cosm@amnh.org 

<< I seem to recall trackways with one foot showing 2 toes, but I think 
 I've also seen tracks showing 2 toes on BOTH feet - clearly less 
 likely an injury. Maybe a dromaeosaur? I am going on thin memories, 
 but I seem to recall 2-toed tracks from Argentina and maybe 
 elsewhere, but not Cretaceous, which I guess would smash the 
 dromaeosaur idea... can anyone interpret what I've said? >>

    Not easy, but I'll try, Dr. Mehling. You're thinking of a paper in Louis 
Jacob's (Ed) book,_Aspects of Vertebrate History_1980. Unfortunately, I can't 
say more as I "donated" the book some time ago. Perhaps someone here has a 
copy. The track is from South America...looks like an ostrich. That book also 
has an essay by Dale Russell where he speaks of a Russian theropod with a 
flamingo-like jaw. Anyone know what this would be? DV.