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RE: Megalancosaurus, Longisquama & other oddballs

> Thomas Holtz wrote:
> >Sad to say, it will not be out during 2001.  (One of his big tasks this
> >summer is to get a publishable version done).
> >
>        I take it Merck's paper will a major in-depth analysis for
> archosauromorphs, comparable to Sereno's 1991 Memoir on Basal
> Archosaurs.
> Is he considering possibly including turtles in his analysis?

Yes to both.  (Yes it is very in depth; yes, he runs the analysis with and
without turtles to see where they fit if they are diapsids).

> >Where the problem does seem to lie is with pterosaurs, as the
> evidence does
> >seem to be mounting for a more primitive archosauriform position
> for those
> >guys.
> >
>        Don't you mean a more primitive "archosauromorph" position?  And
> either way, the question is whether taxon Ornithodira will be
> abandoned or
> will become much more inclusive (perhaps more so than Archosauriformes).

Yeah, I mean't archosauromorph.  And, quite frankly, the evolutionary story
is vastly more interesting than the taxonomic issue (although you are
correct as to the expanded context of Ornithodira).

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