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Extinction & Grad Courses (just having fun with science)


This is SO cool! I have my Graduate Seminar building and destroying the Mesozoic on laptops. Catastrophes (impacts, droughts, volcanos) are set to occur at random.

One of them has managed to build a world that didn't exist, carrying a Jurassic species through to the Cretaceous.

I wish I had a digital camera - they all look so intent. :)

Just had to share with you all. Mammals are egg eaters and will eat eggs if the dinosaur herd is not carefully watched. It takes longer to eat a sauropod than it does to eat an ornithopod or hadrosaur. This is a blast. <grin> A very fun part is that they are rapidly learning which species were alive during which period because if they screw up they cause their fauna to go extinct instantly.

Game pieces are herbivores. The computer randomly generates carniverous species and egg eaters, with no warning.