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Re: Big Dinosaur Prints Found

Dan Varner wrote:
> The track is from South America...looks like an ostrich.

To digress from the main argument...

My geology professor had a hypothersis that he mentioned in class.  He
taught that the ratite lineage, because of its Gondwanan distribution and
the fact that its homologous, not analogous, as suggested in older sources,
has its ancestor in the Mesozoic, when Gondwana was together.

My professor points out that ornithomimids are found in the northern
hemisphere only (which I question-isn't there a South American
ornithomimid?).  His speculation is that ratites and ornithomimids held the
same niches in opposite hemispheres.  My thought is that the ratites of the
Cretaceous were like the tinamouse, correct?

Anyway, are there thoughts on this?  I'll tell my professor what the
responses are...

Thanks, Demetrios Vital