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A question about Feduccia's claim of convergence

I am a molecular biologist so excuse me if my knowledge of anatomy is

Feduccia says
"Convergence is an insidious and treacherous trap, baited and waiting for the
unsuspecting worker and Nowhere has the trap been more successful than in
luring paleontologists to the theropod dinosaurian origin of birds".

His claim is that all the similarites are convergence...if it is such a trap,
why have we not see bipedal reptiles in the cambriaN, early triassic, or even
today? it seems to me that of all the species that have existed, that it has
occured only in birds and dinos......this to me is not convergence, but
homology that was shared by common ancestor.....convergence would be abundant
in a myriad of groups.....i cannot understand why no one has not questioned
him on this or have they..i look forward to ur comments or help in answering