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Re: ERB and fossil vertebrates

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, M Murphy wrote:

> Was this the book with the three-eyed ichthyosaur?

I don't remember that! (I do remember giant mutant ichthyosaurs as
submarines in "Harry Harrison"'s _West of Eden_.)

Apart from the Pellucidar and _Land That Time Forgot_ series, there's also
a Tarzan novel where the Ape-Lord battles a young tyrannosaur (much like
"Von" did in _Back to the Stone Age_ -- ERB was certainly not above
recycling material!) I can't remember which novel it was off the top of my
head.... (No, I'm not thinking of the crossover novel _Tarzan At Earth's
Core_; this one was set in Africa, in a lost civilization, as usual.
Africa of the early 1900's must have been littered with them -- wonder
where they all went? :)

(Is this getting too off-topic? There *is* a Burroughs newsgroup on

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