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Re: Dinosaurs in Edgar Rice Burroughs?

ES, dinosaur@dinosaur.org wrote:

<< Can anyone with a good memory tell me which of ER Burroughs books contain 
dinosaurs? It's been so long since I've read them, that I just don't remember.
Land Before Time?>>

That's a kid's cartoon movie.

<<Tarzan at the Center of the Earth? >>

One of ERB's all-time best. Both Tarzan AND dinosaurs. Hard to beat. But 
entitled Tarzan at the Earth's Core -- one of the Pellucidar series

I checked my complete set of ERB novels. Here goes:

The Pellucidar Series (the story of David Innes' travels in a dino-filled 
hollow inner earth).
At the Earth's Core, 1922
Tanar of Pellucidar, 1929
Tarzan at the Earth's Core, 1929
Back to the Stone Age, 1937
Return to Pellucidar, 1941
Land of Terror, 1944

The Caspak Series (Shipwrecked survivors on a south sea dinosaur island).
The Land that Time Forgot, 1918
The People that Time Forgot, 1918
Out of Time's Abyss, 1918

There are also several Caveman novels:

The Cave Girl, 1913
The Eternal Savage, 1925

Out of Time's Abyss has a passage I found particularly memorable:

     10 SEPT. A.D. 1916

If you enjoy Burroughs' dinosaur fiction, you might find Dinosaur Wars to 
your liking. In writing it, I was led in part by a desire to update ERB in 
terms of dinosaur science, and to delete his implicit sexism and racism while 
keeping in mind his admirable heroes.

Thomas P. Hopp
Author of DINOSAUR WARS, a science fiction novel published by iUniverse
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