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Re: ERB and fossil vertebrates

At 9:17 PM -0500 3/21/01, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
At 06:07 PM 21/03/01 -0500, James Farlow wrote:
I read all of Burroughs' paleo-oriented books as a kid. My favorite was the Land That Time Forgot series

oh YEAH!

Ah, for dino lovers it's hard to beat the moment in Tarzan At The Earth's Core when Burroughs reveals to a wondering world the function of the plates on Stegosaurus' back. As I recall - such things stick in the mind - the wily beast got above Tarzan on a cliff edge, flattened its plates to the side, and leapt into space, gliding through the air after our hero.

No wonder it became extinct....

Hey. Hey Hey HEY!

We are scientists. We are supposed to take ourselves and our work with deathly seriousness. You there. Down front in the theater. Knock off the frivolity. You'll give us all a bad name and we have worked long and hard to be taken as completely serious geeky nerds with little or no social skills whatsoever.

How do you expect me to take working on dinosaurs seriously when you can't even take something like a flying Stegosaur the way it was intended to be taken. I'll have to tell every little kid with huge eyes who comes to one of my public talks to see about dinosaurs that they are to never touch the bones I brought for them to see, and that they have to quit laughing to become a scientist. That being a scientist requires them to button their collars up until their veins pop out and their face turns blue from the lack of oxygen. It means their brains will shrivel. Bet that will keep them from becoming a scientist, eh?

Nah. Little kids will want to see shriveled brains along with petrified puke. That is the way that they are.

FLYING STEGOSAUR! I don't remember this scene. Do any of these movies contain the least bit of plate tectonic reference such that I could show one of them to my seminar? "A Crack In The World" was not available on video. I may be forced to show them "Valley of Gwangi" anyway....... anyone know the filming location by any chance?


PS: Flying stegosaurs.... wow.