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Re: ERB and fossil vertebrates

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> At 09:55 PM 21/03/01 -0500, Marilyn Wegweiser wrote:
> FLYING STEGOSAUR! I don't remember this scene.
> Well, I couldn't find my copy of the Hallowed Original, so I refer readers 
> to a lengthy article entitled "Dinosaurs of Pellucidar" by none other than 
> Philip J. Currie, at http://www.jeddak.com/currie.html.
> The creature in question is a "dyrodor", described by Currie as "the most 
> peculiar dinosaur of the series".  Gee, do you think there is anything odd 
> about a 60 to 70-foot long carnivorous gliding stegosaur that "emits loud 
> screams when angry"?
> As Currie concludes, "Clearly the dyrodor is not Stegosaurus, although it 
> might be classified as a unique family of stegosaurs. If a paleontological 
> expedition is ever sent to Pellucidar again, one of the highest priorities 
> should be to study this highly unusual animal."

According to


this dyrodor is

 similar to stegosaurus, 60-70 long and 25 high at its rump, can turn its
 back plates horizontally and use them to glide

Clever. I'd read these years ago too but couldn't visualize this.