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RE: Big Dinosaur Print

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>T. Mike Keesey wrote, concerning traces of dragged tails:
>> Neither Rob nor I are talking of a dinosaur so sick or injured
>>as to be unable to move.  After all, that is a trackway along
>>which the tail drag is seen.  Just, perhaps, an injured theropod
>>was involved.

>It seems to me much more natural for paleontologists to accept that
>dinosaurs exhibited different forms of walking.  If I remember correct-
>ly, horses show about five or six different gaits (e.g., walking,
>trotting, pacing, galloping, etc.) and even us humans, even though
>we walk 90% of the time, can also run, hop, skip, and (most important-
>ly) tip-toe on various occasions.

But how many gaits does one species of bird show?  And what do they do when
injured?  Do birds ever drag their tails when injured?  I seem to remember
seeing injured birds just kind of waddling along rather erratically.