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Re: Dinosaur Books and Movies

> ELurio@aol.com wrote:
> > > The discussion about "dinosaur flicks" and books has made me think > > 
> >of any others I can remember: we should not forget the one made by > > 
> >Alfred Hitchcock. Of course, I am speaking of _The Birds_.
> >
> >No, sorry, that doesn't count.
> Actually it does.  James Hower is entirely correct.  (I also suspect that, 
> like me, he might be afflicted with a sense of humor.)
> In the same vein, I would like to add _Chicken Run_ to the list.

Bird on a Wire, By Bye Birdie, Bird Man of Alcatraz, Howard the Duck,
Follow that Bird, The Crow (and sequels), Beaks, Ladyhawke, Condorman,

Does this mean that every Daffy Duck cartoon ever made also qualifies as a 
dinosaur flick? 
Seriously though, what anatomical features qualify a candidate for bird 
status? Where do dinosaurs end and birds begin? I remember GSP pointing out 
that there are no great anatomical differences, but what minor ones exist to 
define Aves?
Thanks to anyone who responds.