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JOKE: Re: Dinosaur Books and Movies

Brian said:

"Does this mean that every Daffy Duck cartoon ever made also qualifies as a
dinosaur flick?"

Well, a daffy dinosaur flick, anyways, but, c'mon now folks, would anyone on the list actually have any success renting a 'Daffy Dinosaur' cartoon if requested like that? I suspect they would get some strange looks from the folks behind the counter. =) It's bad enough that science gets a bad rap as it is, do we really need people going out there and including the bird movies with the dinosaur movies? Have nothing better to do???? =) =P

Brian continues:

"Seriously though, what anatomical features qualify a candidate for bird
status? Where do dinosaurs end and birds begin?"

Dinosaurs end and birds begin where you can cook them up and enjoy them. Have you tried cooking a petrified T. rex leg? Wouldn't it taste awful? On the other hand, Peking Duck, Thanksgiving Turkey, Fried Chicken, Roast Quail -- I rest my case. Ahhh ... it was so heavy. =)

Brian says:

"Thanks to anyone who responds."

My pleasure.  Mmmmmm ... fried chicken ... mmmmmm ...

Matt Bonnan
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