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Re: JOKE: Re: Dinosaur Books and Movies

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Matthew Bonnan wrote:

> Well, a daffy dinosaur flick, anyways, but, c'mon now folks, would anyone on
> the list actually have any success renting a 'Daffy Dinosaur' cartoon if
> requested like that?  I suspect they would get some strange looks from the
> folks behind the counter. =) It's bad enough that science gets a bad rap as
> it is, do we really need people going out there and including the bird
> movies with the dinosaur movies?  Have nothing better to do???? =) =P

We could start counting synapsid movies, but this is a dinosaur list....

> Dinosaurs end and birds begin where you can cook them up and enjoy them.
> Have you tried cooking a petrified T. rex leg?  Wouldn't it taste awful?  On
> the other hand, Peking Duck, Thanksgiving Turkey, Fried Chicken, Roast Quail
> -- I rest my case.  Ahhh ... it was so heavy. =)

I know this was meant in jest but ... this does exclude _Gastornis_
(=_Diatryma_), _Teratornis_, _Hesperornis_, _Ichthyornis_, _Enantiornis_,
_Confuciusornis_, and _Archaeopteryx_ itself from being birds.... quite
probably turkey vultures as well ;)

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