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Re: <was> RE: Big Dinosaur Print <now> unusual traces

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Mark Hallett wrote:
> Like everyone else, I've been puzzling over the
> indication of tail traces associated with those big
> sauropod tracks. A possibility is that the extremely
> long and relatively unsupported distal 6-8' of
> whiplash tail (if a diplodocid) would normally arc
> downwards and skim the ground, even though most off
> the tail would be held well up off the ground in a
> horizontal position. This might especially occur if
> the sauropod was tired and simply "not in the mood" to
> hold up its tail. Just a thought....

I have deleted the original post on this, but I think
it said there were multiple critters involved in this track.

If so, could the tail traces be the result of close quarters?
A sauropod would be shifting its tail around, occaisonally
touching the ground, because a fellow sauropod was close behind
and making contact with the tail? It's a simple approach, 
doesn't require rare injuries or other rare behavior.

(maybe too simple)