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Re: Feathers for S excretion (very long) (feathers not scales)

<Under such conditions, it would make
sense for the development of longer scales for this sulfate excretion, as
there was not sufficient water available to get rid of it in liquid urine.>

If I read you correctly, and I may not, you're assuming that feathers came
from scales.
Quoting Alan Brush from a Dec 8, 1995 post, feathers are a novelty:

<This group of proteins (refered to a 'feather'-proteins), are unlike the
alpha-proteins that make the skin, hair, mammalian and reptilian scales, in
their primary sequence, genic structure, and the ways in which they interact
to form the filaments that produce the final structure.
IMHO the reticullate scales of birds represent the reptilian legacy. The
feathers and related structures in birds are different enough at enough
levels to be considered an evolutionary novelity.>

Has something been found since to change this view?