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Re: *Zupaysaurus*

David Marjanovic wrote-

> The material of *Zupaysaurus* was shown, it is being prepared. *Z.*
> was 5.5 m long IIRC, is 210 Ma old, was found in Argentina in 1997 and is
> "advanced" (more so than *Herrerasaurus*); the skull bears two crests like
> *Syntarsus kayentakatae*, so I suspect *Z.* is a coelophysoid. I can't
> remember a species name.

Actually, a preliminary study suggested "Zupaysaurus" is more derived than
coelophysoids, and a message from Chiappe on the vrtpaleo list indicates
it's tetanuran.  A paper is probably in press.

Norian, LT
Los Colorados Formation, Argentina
material- (3-4 m) skull (450 mm), lower jaws, cervical vertebrae, dorsal
vertebrae, ilium, distal tibia, distal fibula, astragalus, calcaneum
description- extended antorbital fenestra, maxillary fenestra present, low
laminar crest on frontal probably paired, serrated teeth, fused
astragalocalcaneum, ascending process not sheet-like
references- Arcucci and Coria, 1997. First record of Theropoda (Dinosauria -
Saurischia) from the Los Colorados Formation (Upper Triassic, La Rioja,
Argentina). Ameghiniana 34(4) 531 (available on Polyglot)
Arcucci and Coria, 1998. Skull features of a new primitive theropod from
Argentina. JVP 18(3) 24A-25A

Mickey Mortimer