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Re: Ptero-hawks

> Who says all _Pterosauria_ were piscivores? Okay, the majority of known
> forms seem to be, but this could easily be due to preservational bias. Who
> is more likely to be preserved, a pterosaur hunting other pterosaurs in
> the forest, or a pterosaur who spends most of his life near water, where
> deposits are formed?
> OTOH, I can't think of a good candidate, and you're right about the lack
> of bat-eating bats.... (isn't he?)

IIRC, *Pterosauria* include likely piscivores (Pteranodon et al), 
insectivores (Batrachognathus), filter-feeders (Pterodaustro) & 
carrion-eaters (Quetzalcoatlus). The only groups I can think of that appear 
not to be represented are: pterosaurs feeding off plants (nuts, leaves, 
berries etc...), and pterosaurs preying on other pterosaurs.
As you say though, it's less likely that these groups would be represented 
due to preservational bias... :-(