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Re: Dino-storybook teasers

I've received some complaints that the links I gave don't work. Indeed
OE seems to have thrown the last few letters of the links on the next
row. So to see the images you'll have either to cut and paste the
addresses to your browser and then add the missing "g" or "pg" to its
end, or then go straight to the gallery page:
and then scroll down to "teasers".

BTW I just added a scan of the nearly complete tyrannosaur attack
painting (a sketch of which is also in the teaser section.

Matti Aumala

> I've been doing the paintings for the book all this week, and I've
> put three "teaser" images online. I don't have a scanner big enough
> scan the whole painting, so you'll have to settle for just parts of
> them...
> Here's a sketch for a painting I'm currently working on, with
> tyrannosaurs running towards a hadrosaur carcass (and a lone
> dromaeosaur):
> g
> Another one is the lower part of the therizinosaur-tyrannosaur
> pg
> The last one has an ankylosaur and a group of pachycephalosaurs:
> pg
> --
> Matti Aumala
> mjaumala@nettilinja.fi