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Re: Big Dinosaur Prints Found

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Subject: Re: Big Dinosaur Prints Found

> << I seem to recall trackways with one foot showing 2 toes, but I think
>  I've also seen tracks showing 2 toes on BOTH feet - clearly less
>  likely an injury. Maybe a dromaeosaur? I am going on thin memories,
>  but I seem to recall 2-toed tracks from Argentina and maybe
>  elsewhere, but not Cretaceous, which I guess would smash the
>  dromaeosaur idea... can anyone interpret what I've said? >>
>     Not easy, but I'll try, Dr. Mehling. You're thinking of a paper in
> Jacob's (Ed) book,_Aspects of Vertebrate History_1980. [...] The track is
from South America...looks like an ostrich.

South American dromaeosaurs or -look-alikes... What about *Megaraptor*? Or

I have read about small 2-toed tracks from the Late Jurassic "La plage aux
ptérosaures" in France which I would attribute to *Archaeopteryx*. (Can dig
up the ref.)

> That book also
> has an essay by Dale Russell where he speaks of a Russian theropod with a
> flamingo-like jaw. Anyone know what this would be? DV.

Surely *Oviraptor* (but I don't know the book!). Before its crest and the
tips of the beak were discovered people only looked at the strange curvature
of the jaws, which is indeed similar to that of flamingos.