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Histology: Theropods vs Ornithopods vs Ceratopsian

Good People,

(sorry for the potential double post for some of you)
Having not heard a peep from "The Other List" (albeit, it has been but 3 hours but I'm not a patient woman at times). I've added a bit more information regarding the scale at which I am working in at this topic at.

So, I am now sending this on to ya'll ya'll. Here:

I am seeking the latest information concerning the histology of those mentioned in the subject line. In particular, I am seeking references in hard copy of published works that refer to any histological differences among the three. I have 11 references that discuss this - 5 of which are abstracts.There is a paper published by Reid, R. H.. 1996 in "Geology Studies" published by BYU that I'd like to have.

If I wait for ILL to get it for me here I might get it before I'm 50. I'd like it sooner than that. Could anyone who has this paper perhaps send it to me?

I am using the SEM right now - so molecular scale histological differences, if they are known, could be useful information to have on hand. I'm using that SEM a second time on my specimens next Thursday (29th).

This information has direct effect on some of my current research - I am coming up with a number of abstracts on the topic, but since they are work in progress I need a little more information, please. Personal communication type is all right and I recognize that some of what I want may be research in progress, and perhaps proprietary, as well. Any input is appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Marilyn W.

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