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Re: Ptero-hawks

> As a typical example of other
> stuff that's out of date, take a look at the photo of the front end of the
> "Quetzalcoatlus species" jaw near the bottom of page 144 of Wellnhofer's
> 'Prehistoric Flying Reptiles'.  That's not a Quetz snout; it's an
> misidentification of a tapejarid from another location a good bit further
> in the strata

Interesting. So if the supposed *Quetzalcoatlus* snout actually belongs to a
tapejarid, have any further remains turned up to indicate what kind of beak
the big guy actually had?

> But don't take
> that as a criticism of the paintings.  The page 142-143 , John is a superb
> artist, and I love his work.  If he were to redo those paintings today,
> might well look a bit different in some of the detail.

I find some of his dino artwork a bit off (the tyrannosaur & raptor work in
"Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs"), but the pterosaur paintings are
stunning - easily the best depictions of these beasts that I've seen. The
*Pterodaustro* illustration, again in "Illustrated Encyclopaedia...", is
beautiful, and I'd love to see what he could do with *Tapejara* :-)

BTW, if you have references for any recent *Quetzalcoatlus*-related
publications, I'd greatly appreciate it.