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Re: [Re: A question about Feduccia's claim of convergence]

"T. Mike Keesey"  wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 ELurio@aol.com wrote:
> > Okay, The reason we haven't seen bipedal reptiles in the Cambrian is that
> > they haven't they hadn't evolved yet. If you want to make an attack on
> > someone, something as silly as that won't help your case any.
> "Anakinsdream" must have meant Permian.
> > As to the Early Triassic the same thing. However, there are several
> > crocs from the middle and late Triassic, showing genuine convergance.
> > are also modern lizards that can run bipedally, further convergance.
> OOC, were any of these forms obligate bipeds, like _Theropoda_ (including
> _Aves_)?


Well, I'm pretty sure that _Gracilisuchus_ was an obligate biped and among
today's extant reptilian fauna _Chlamydosaurus kingii_ is considered an
obligate biped as well. At this moment  _C.kingii_ is considered to be the
only obligatory bipedal extant reptile, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if
_Basiliscus_ turns out to be one as well (observations of spooked _Basiliscus_
have shown that they actually stand up on two legs prior to take off, much
like _Chlamydosaurus_).

Then, of course, there was also _Eudibamus_, whom you've already mentioned.

On a side note, what does OOC stand for?

That's one acronym that I seemed to have missed.


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