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Re: Summer Field Paleo Expeditions

In a message dated 3/26/01 10:01:56 AM Pacific Standard Time,
jsankey@taz.sdsmt.edu writes:

 Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
 2001 Summer Field Paleontology Expeditions
 Make this a summer to remember!
 Join our Corps of Paleo Discovery!
    I really cannot begin to tell you all what a profoundly excellent program
this is. I was lucky enough to participate during the first season 21 years
ago. It was one of the great events of my life and is an excellent
introduction to what happens in vertebrate paleontology in the field. The
staff is world-class, the scenery is magnificent, and the fossils are
eye-poppers. Last year they collected a truly titanic Tylosaurus on the
shores of the Missouri River and one of the first US specimens of Hainosaurus
just outside of Rapid City. It just doesn't get better than this...or as
inexpensive, believe me! Dan Varner.