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Re: Megalancosaurus, Longisquama & other oddballs

> I'm still not sure this is such a great application of the name, since
> _Aetosaurus_ and _Rauisuchus_ are members of the clade _Suchia_! (In fact,
> Benton used the name _Pseudosuchia_ for the same clade, Clade(_Aetosaurus_
> + _Crocodylus_).) Having _Pseudosuchia_ within _Suchia_ doesn't sit too
> well with me....

Oh! Oops! Forgot that... so dump Pseudosuchia. :-)

> Really, the only group I can think of which deserves the names
> "Pseudosuchia" is _Phytosaurus_ _et al._, which has already been given the
> similar name _Parasuchia_.


> > Predentata is incorrect anyway, I'd say, it should be Praedentata...
> Then why isn't it called a "praedentary" bone?

English convention (and French, and Spanish, and Russian, and...). It is os
praedentale, and indeed the few German occurrences of this name are