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Re: Hominidae revised (new classification) and Re: Dumb Names

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, David Marjanovic wrote:

> While I don't know for dryopithecines, since molecular evidence for (*Pongo*
> + (*Gorilla* + (*Pan* + *Homo*)))) has turned up 20 years ago, most
> classifications I know say
> Hylobatidae (sometimes given a superfamily, -oidea)

Odd, I've always seen them placed in _Hominoidea_.

>     gibbons
> Hominoidea
>     Pongidae
>         *Sivapithecus* (including "*Ramapithecus*"), *Pongo*
>     Hominidae
>         *Gorilla* (Gorillini, probably Gorillinae has also been proposed,
> and the paper HP Thomas R. Holtz just mentioned has Gorillidae. One more
> reason to forget ranks!)
>         Homininae
>             Panini
>                 *Pan*
>             Hominini
>                 *Ardipithecus* (wherever it is put now, I haven't read that 
> paper)
>                 *Australopithecus* (however paraphyletic, usually including 
> *Paranthropus*)
>                 *Homo*

So ... I'm trying to sum up my current understanding:

|  `--Hylobates
   |  |?-Gigantopithecus
   |  |--Sivapithecus (=Ramapithecus)
   |  `--Pongo
         |  |?-Ardipithecus
         |  `--Pan
(and where does _Kenyapithecus_ go? _Proconsul_? Any I've left out?)

PLEASE let us know if this is getting too off-topic!!

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