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On the Subject of Solnhofen....

New in in _International Journal of Earth Sciences_ [Springer

  Park, M.-H. & Fürsich, F.T. 2001. Cyclic nature of lamination
in the Tithonian Solnhofen Plattenkalk of southern Germany and
its palaeoclimatic implications. _International Journal of Earth
Sciences_ 135: 191 (Springer, VERLAG).

  The abstract reads:

  "In the Tithonian Solnhofen Plattenkalk (Malm [symbol for
lower case Greek 'zeta' -- JAH] 2) of southern Germany, layers
of purely micritic limestone are rhythmically interbedded with
ones of marly micritic limestone. It appears that this
alternation was formed under control of the Tithonian orbital
variations. The Fourier spectral analysis shows that, on a
decimetric to metric scale, the long-term cyclicities in the
number of laminae per centimetre are in agreement with those
found in the bed-thickness series, varying from 0.7 to 1.3 m
cycles. The number of laminae of the Solnhofen Formation ranges
from about 5,800 to about 12,800 laminae per main cycle. This
indicates that, under an assumption that the main cycle of the
Solnhofen Formation corresponds to the Tithonian precessional
one, a single lamina represents a multi-year time interval.
Particularly, in the short-term cyclic domain, the laminated
sequence contains clearly millimetric cycles consisting of about
two to three cyclic components. It implies that laminae
formation may result from the composite effect of two or three
distinct climatic processes."

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