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Re: [Re: [Re: A question about Feduccia's claim of convergence]]

"T. Mike Keesey" <tmk@dinosauricon.com> wrote:
> On 26 Mar 2001 archosaur@usa.net wrote:
> > Well, I'm pretty sure that _Gracilisuchus_ was an obligate biped and
> > today's extant reptilian fauna _Chlamydosaurus kingii_ is considered an
> > obligate biped as well.
> _Chlamydosaurus_ *never* moves on all fours? I find that hard to
> believe....


It's true. They only come down on all fours to eat (i.e. they run bipedally
over to their prey, come down on all fours to eat it, then return to two legs
and run back to their roost).

I know that someone, somewhere wrote a paper on _Chlamydosaurus_ deeming it an
obligate biped (I'm pretty sure it was Shine & Lambeck). Unfortunately I can't
find the ref anywhere.

On the bright side though, there is someone else on this list who might know.


So if HP Darren Naish wouldn't mind giving me a hand with the ref, it would be
much appreciated.

Besides that, you can also check out Shine & Lambeck's 1989 work on these guys
here at:


They also talk about some of the morphological and biomechanical adaptations
of these little critters that allow for this.

Finally there are two other papers that discuss the actual adaptations seen in
bipedally running lizards:

Snyder, R.C. 1952 Quadrupedal & Bipedal Locomotion of Lizards. Copeia pgs

__________ 1962 Adaptations for Bipedal Locomotion of Lizards. Am.Zool. vol 2
pgs 191-203

Now if we could just get some more work done on _Basiliscus_ , facultative
bipedalism in lizards could become a thing of the past :)

Oh and thanks all for the OOC bit.


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