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Re: The Lizard of Oz

Behaviors are polyphyletic.

At 3:21 PM -0600 3/27/01, christopher robert noto wrote:
ah, but if they could find a faster way down from the branch to the
ground...perhaps a little bugger in the past jumped from branches.

Or fell. While pouncing. Oops. Missed! Just missed and dropped like a stone. Who says organisms are inherently graceful?

because it isn't done today doesn't mean that it was never done in the

Things fall out of trees all the time today.Depending on the cohesivenss of the landing point, the splatter mark could make a lovely trace fossil. ;^)

just more fanciful thoughts...take it with a couple grains of NaCl.

Or KCl. In a Sylvite kinda mood. ;^)


On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, David Marjanovic wrote:

 > The little hunter doesn't require highly-specialized perching or gliding
 > capabilities - just the ability to climb trees and "sit and wait" in the
 > tree-tops.  Well done, Frilled lizard!
 > I would be surprised if this behavior has never evolved in any other group
 > of small predators.  Even better, if these predators could evolve
 > drag-creating structures of some kind to slow down their descents and
 > provide extra maneuverability while in the air...

 If I have correctly understood, these lizards don't jump down from their
 trees (unlike cats...) but run down the trunk, which makes the evolution of
 anything involved with aerodynamics rather improbable.