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RE: The Lizard of Oz: off topic and elasmosaurs a bit better

Some years ago the Australian Prime minister was labelled The Lizard of Oz
because he touched the Queen of England. Thus the heading got my attention.

Good news is that we have raised the money to go and mount an expedition to
extract the remainder of an elasmosaur (K) in north Queensland.



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>Things fall out of trees all the time today.Depending on the
>cohesivenss of the landing point, the splatter mark could make a
>lovely trace fossil. ;^)

Ah, but if the falling critter had draggy-feathery-things on its arms it
might help slow its fall, and thereby avoid ending its life as a splatter

I'm not suggesting that the proto-bird leaped from the top of a Californian
Redwood.  Three or four meters off the ground is probably adequate.



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