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Sereno's lecture --4/9/01

Hey All, 

I've been very lucky to have worked with Sereno, for about 3yrs, and
I am honored to be on this list with others who share the same passion
for dinosaurs and paleontology. Some might remember that I am a BIG spinosaur
fanatic, this was all sparked by Dr. Sereno's influence in his discovery
of _Suchomimus tenerensis_.

Anyway, Sereno will be at Noble Street Charter High school giving a lecture
(open to everyone). It's only like $7  bucks to get in, plus I get to
introduce him. This event is to raise money for a trip to the RainForest
that some students are taking this summer. 

The following is a press release we've come up with, and I certainly
expect to see some list members in the event. The seating goes up to
250 or so people. It would certainly be great to see some of you guys

Good Times, 
-Marco Mendez

ps. If anyone has questions,  I will be glad to respond by email :)
1010 N. Noble Street 
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 862-1449 · Phone
(773) 278-0421· Fax

March 28, 2001                                  Jim O?Connor (773)
862-1449 x210

          Dr. Sereno will share new finds from his latest season of fieldwork
in Niger.
Presentation to benefit 16 Chicago Public School students traveling to
the Amazon rainforest to study ecology in June 2001.

On Monday, April 9, 2001 at 7:30 p.m., Dr. Paul Sereno will present:
 ?Hunting Dinosaurs in the Sahara?.  This is the last chance to hear
Dr. Sereno speak before he departs on an expedition to Inner Mongolia.
 The presentation will take place at the Noble Street Charter High School
located at 1010 Noble Street at the intersection of Augusta Blvd. and
Noble St. in Chicago.  The event costs $5 for kids under 12, and $7 for

Last year, University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno shocked the
scientific world when he announced the discovery of a new species of
dinosaur in the Saharan African country of Niger. Named Jobaria tiguidensis,
the new dinosaur represents an ancient sauropod that was actually quite
primitive for the Cretaceous period in which it flourished. 

Dr. Sereno will recount the story of this amazing fossil?s discovery,
and will also share the new finds from his latest season of fieldwork
in Niger.  Marco Mendez, a Noble Street student and Project Exploration
Junior Paleontologist, says that ?It?s awesome to have him come to our
school and for him to take time to help others.? Mendez will co-host
the event.  Sereno is a National Geographic Society Explorer-In-Residence
who led successful dinosaur-hunting expeditions to Africa in 1993, 1995,
1997, and 2000.

Many documentaries record Sereno?s efforts, and he has written popular
articles for National Geographic and Natural History magazines as well
as a book on Tyrannosaurus for young readers. Sereno and educator Gabrielle
Lyon have founded Project Exploration, a non-profit educational outreach
organization located in Chicago. 

The event will benefit the Rainforest Advocacy Program at the Noble Street
Charter High School.  ?In order to motivate students to excel in the
sciences and to become stewards of our global environment, students need
to experience the excitement of scientific research and the tragedy of
habitat destruction first-hand,? said Jim O?Connor, one of the leaders
of the program.  The Rainforest Advocacy Program sets out to increase
students? respect for the environment by providing all students with
a unique, rainforest-based curriculum.  This summer, 16 Noble Street
students will travel to the Amazon rainforests of Peru to study ecology
and culture.  Since 89% of Noble Street students are low-income, fundraising
is their biggest challenge.  This event will help them reach the Amazon.

Marco  Mendez
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