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Re: Archaeoraptor exposed in _Nature_ this week

From: Dino Guy and Computer Gal <gbabcock@best.com>

Essentially, the body is that of an early bird; the tail belongs to the
dromaeosaur _Microraptor_ (also unfortunately dubbed _Archaeoraptor_ by
Storrs Olson); and the feet and most of the leg elements are of unknown
origin (and these are parts and counterparts of a single appendage
placed in such a way as to appear to have belonged to two legs).

In the most recent issue of Prehistoric Times, Tracy Ford argues that the dromaeosaur part of the chimera should be called _Archaeoraptor_, saying, "Because Sloan (the author of the National Geographic article) did describe in slight detail the specimen and Olson made IVPP 12330 the lectotype, it is a validly named genus... The 'real' name for the new small theropod (and I can't stress this enough) is Archaeoraptor liaoningensis SLOAN (1999) vide OLSON, 2000."

Hope I'm not floggin' a dead horse, here...

-Jordan Mallon


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