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RE: Tuba City, AZ tracks

These tracks are in the Moenave Formation, which is Early Jurassic.  Perhaps
Rob Gay on this list can tell you more about them.

Randy Irmis

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Dear folks:

  I just came back from a trip through Arizona, and
had stopped by and checked out the dino tracks outside
of Tuba City.  Has anyone else been there?  I am
curious about what age those tracks have been guessed
to be.  Thanks if anyone can help!

(Side Note:  Also on this trip a friend and I hiked
through the Havasu Canyon to the Hava Supai Indian
village and tried to (unsuccessfully) look for the
supposed dinosaur petroglyphs.  I'd love to hear from
anyone who's tried the same!  Please reply offlist,
and I apologize for the brief cryptozoology bit!)

Ben Landis

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