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Re: Tuba City, AZ tracks

I just came back from a trip through Arizona, and had stopped by and checked out the dino tracks outside of Tuba City. Has anyone else been there? I am curious about what age those tracks have been guessed to be.<
Indeed I have been there. Here's my two bits. These tracks are in the uppermost Moenave formation, practically on the contact between the Moenave and the Kayenta. The current thinking is that the Wingate, the Moenave, the Kayenta and the Navajo are all early Jurassic. However, there has been some talk about the J-0 unconformity actually being traced to above the Kayenta, which would put the Moenave, Wingate and Kayenta into the latest Triassic. There has also been some work done suggesting that the Chinle is lower in the Triassic than perviously though, which would support a lower position for the Moenave/Wingate/Kayenta series. Also, there are still mammal-like reptiles (I know this isn't the cladistically prefered term, but I'll use it here anyways) found in the Kayenta formation (e.g. _Kayentatherium_), which would either help support a lower position, or be an odd left-over from the earlier period.
So, to make a long story short...they're probably Jurassic, but there seems to be more evidence appearing supporting a lower position.

Thanks if anyone can help!<
Hope this wasn't too confusing, and it helped!

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