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Re: Archaeoraptor exposed in _Nature_ this week

In a message dated 3/28/01 9:21:13 PM EST, j_mallon@hotmail.com writes:

<< Hope I'm not floggin' a dead horse, here... >>

To which Dinogeorge replied:

Well, kinda. We just went through this a month or two ago. See dinosaur >list

In that case, sorry if I've waisted anyone's time. But I take HP Ford's comments to heart, as he's convinced me that the new 'tree climbing' dromaeosaur ought to be called _Archaeoraptor_ instead of _Microraptor_. In fact, he insists on it, and so I bring up the subject whenever I hear it alluded to.
At any rate, I think I'll stop my floggin' here. ;)

-Jordan Mallon


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