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Re: Flap over Archaeoraptor

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Tracy Ford wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Archaeoraptor exposed in _Nature_ this week
> I was sort of under the impression that 'Microraptor' was the term that was
> going to be used to describe the rear half of the archaeoraptor chimera and
> that 'Archaeoraptor' would be retained for the front half.  If I am mistaken
> in that impression, please let me know.<<
> Well, That was the way it was going to be until Storrs stuck his foot into
> it.

Just saw this in a news article at

"The computer scans revealed pieces of fossilized bone embedded in rock
were pressed into a layer of grout, a synthetic glue, which was sandwiched
from the other side by a large slab of stone, the study reports. The front
end came from a single bird fossil that scientists say really is a new
species, while the rear part of the fossil was a jigsaw built from AT

If Olson's _Archaeoraptor_ is itself a chimera, it should make the case to
obliterate his designation even easier.

(What are these four specimens, anyway?)

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