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In Country

Ok, people, hide your farm animals and run for the hills.  The Penn
Baharîya team is back.  The plane didn't go down over the Alps, no one
walked into a helicopter tail rotor this year, and the scorpions didn't
claim anybody (although Jason Poole did inadvertently put his hand right
on a camel spider...shudder), so we're are back... albeit all beat to
hell, a little thinner, and significantly more UV exposed...

My email server ripped a huge hole through my inbox file and dumped it
into another folder as a bunch of gibberish while I was playing in the
sand, so I lost a good deal of my emails from late January and early
February.  So, if you sent me something important around then and I
haven't gotten back to you, I might not have gotten the message.
However, messages from people like Wagner, Holtz, Ford, Harry Jerris,
and the like....well those are most likely being deliberately ignored...


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