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A quick question to try to save some time:

What are the most complete specimens of phytosaurs known?  Is any complete enough to allow estimates of both dimensions of the femur and the total length of the skeleton?

I have my reasons for wanting to know....    :-)

Jim Farlow

Here are a few

= Mystriosuchus cfr. planirostris STEFANI, ARDUINI, GARASSINO, PINNA, TERUZZI & TROMBETTA, 1992


Locality: Cene, Endenna, near Zogno, Bergamo Prelaps, Lombardy, Northern Italy.

Horizon: Zorzino Formation, Upper Norian, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull.

Referred material:


MCSNB 10.087: A large nearly complete skeleton.
Note: Possibly a marine phytosaur.

Renesto, Silvio and Cristina Lombardo, 1999. Structure of the tail of a phytosaur (Reptilia, Archosauria) from the Norian (Late Triassic) of Lombardy (Northern Italy). Rivista Italiana de Paleontologia e Stratrigrafia, Volume 105, Number 1, Tavole 1: 135-144.

Renesto, Silvio and Anna Paganoni, 1998. A phytosaur skull from the Norian (Late Triassic) of Lombardy  (Northern Italy).
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, Volume 104, Number 1: 115-122.

Renesto, Silvio, Andrea Tintori, Cristina lombardo adn Barbara Marazi, 1999. A complete Phytosaur (Reptilia, Archosauria) form the norian (Late Triassic) of Lombardy (Northern Italy). In: Third International Symposium on Lithographic Limestones, Bergamo, Italy-September 1-5, 1999. Edited by Silvio Renesto. Rivista del Museo civico di Scienze Naturali "Enrico Caffi', Volume 20: 127-130.

Genus: Rutiodon EMMONS, 1856

Species: carolinense EMMONS, 1856


AMNH No. 1

Locality: Egypt, Chatham County, North Carolina.

Horizon: Late Triassic.

Material: Skull missing tip of snout, some of the nasal and squmosal, dentary missing mid-section of mandible and saurangualar and some of the angular, and most of skeleton.

Colbert, E. H. 1947. Studies of the phytosaurs Machaeroprosopus and Rutiodon. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History. Volume. 88, Article 2: 57-96.

Colbert, E. H., and Chaffee, R. G. 1941. The type of Clepsysaurus pennsylvanicus and its bearing upon the genus Rutiodon. Notulae Naturae. Number 90: 1-19.

Genus: Palaeorhinus WILLISTON, 1904
hislopi CHATTERJEE 1978 (Referred material)

Holotype: ISI R 42

Locality: Pranhita-Godavari Valley, India.

Horizon: Maleri Formation, Carnian-Middle Norian, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull and dentary, skeleton missing right manus and ulna, left metatarsals and some phalanges.

Referred specimens:

ISI R 43: Posterior portion of skull, cervical, dorsal sacral and caudal vertebrae, right scapula, humerus, anterior ulna and radius, pelvis and hind legs.

Chatterjee, S. 1978. A primitive parasuchid (Phytosaur) reptile from the Upper Triassic Maleri Formation of India. Paleontology, Vol. 21, Part I: 83-127.

This last one is probably the best.

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