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RE: Dinosaur with Guts

R. Irmis wrote [responding to Mickey's reporting what Varricchio

<I sorry...I should have thought of this fact.  Nevertheless, I
am still not convinced these are gut contents.>

  Why not?

  Is it possible tyrannosaurs were herbivorous?

  We know they ate meat, here's acid-etched hadrosaur vertebrae
and a jaw associated (two elements are contacting dorsal
vertebrae and ribs of the tyrannosaur, and all except a vert are
withing the circle of the tyrannosaur carcass, which is
deposited in a disarticulated but definable curl, and centered
around the trunk) with un-etched tyrannosaur elements.... There
is the likely conclusion, then the "I'm sorry, I don't feel
good" explanation [regurgitate]. There is the possibility it got
snatched from a more acidic environment, however the Two
Medicine/Judith River environments for preserving hign corrosive
pH levels as seen elsewhere has been produced by low-energy,
silt and sandstone depositing sediments as in the OTM site that
Varricchio describes. So how unlikely is it that the tyrannosaur
did not use this acid-etched carcass for food, and that the
etching was from low-pH stomach acids and digestive enzymes?

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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