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Re: Dinosaur with Guts

Hi, All!
    Randy wrote:
<<Furthermore, I cant fathom a good reason why the
tyrannosaur would be ingesting whole caudal vertebrae and parts of the front
of the skull.>>
    That's if you assume two things: One, that tyrannosaurids were picky,
finicky eaters who carefully selected the choicest bits of a carcass. Two,
that _this_ tyrannosaur meal was eaten at leisure. I can think of several
reasons why it might not have been - perhaps the theropod in question was
sick, and had to take what it could find. (after all, it _died_ shortly
afterwards...) Perhaps the dead daspletosaur wasn't the biggest baddest
beastie in the barrio! If someone bigger was lurking in the nearby, this guy
might have had to get sloppy seconds on the run. You guys can fill in the
remaining blanks with whatever ideas you can come up with, for I, too, love
the smell of speculation in the morning...
    I will however plant one more small thought - how worried is a large
crocodile about which bits it's pulling off of a rotting zebra?