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Re: Dinosaur with Guts

> Well, when I look at modern predators, I dont see them eating many bones.
> This is not to say tyrannosaurs or other predators dont ingest bones.  But
> if they do, I would expect them to be ones near the most meat such as ribs
> and long bones.  I still maintain it would be pretty hard to separate
> vertebrae from a recently killed hadrosaur.

Komodo monitors are said to sometimes deliberately swallow clean bones.
While I don't think a lizard is a good analogy for a theropod, who says
tyrannosaurs didn't swallow smaller prey whole, especially if in a hurry?
(Some birds do this. Quetzals feed their young with lizards that they can
kill but not rip apart, so young quetzals must swallow lizards that are even
longer than themselves. It works, I've seen it on TV in what was probably a
BBC Discovery Channel production.)