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Re: Feathers for S excretion

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001 17:08:42  
 David Marjanovic wrote:

>Well, I have suggested that hair might actually have evolved for the same
>reason. Hairs are shed all the time, not unlike feathers...

Erm...this may be pressing it.  As far as I understand, hair evolved from 
sensory bristles in early mammals.  I believe the consensus is that full hair 
evolved for insulation.  Saying hair evolved as a sulfur dump is taking it much 
farther than suggesting the same for feathers.  The physiological aspects of 
mammals and birds, in my impartial opinion, make it tough to prove that 
feathers and/or hair evolved because of anything related to sulfur.  

>I'm not trying to start a politics thread, at least not onlist; but I wrote
>some exaggerations and other nonsense about the loser of the US presidential
>elections, US President G. W. Bush, a few months ago -- just yesterday he
>has confirmed everything by suggesting to leave the Kyoto Protocol for
>benefitting the economy and by saying that the Kyoto Protocol is useless
>unless the developing countries are included. >:->

Last time I checked Bush won.


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