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update: Cretaceous fleas

Dear All,
Dann pointed out to me that Mesozoic fleas have already been discovered (Early Cretaceous of Australia). That's an even bigger temporal range extension than the one for ticks (which began this thread).
Anyway, the link he gave me is shown below in case anyone else wants to read about it. By the way, it seems like "Dino", the Flintstone's pet dinosaur, once suffered from fleas (or is my memory faulty?). But perhaps it would have been more accurate if he had ticks instead?

I believe there are Early Cretaceous fleas (as well as lice, worms, water beetles, flies, mayflies, cockroaches, wasps, ants, spiders, thrips, dragonflies) known from Koonwarra in south eastern Australia.
Plus lots of fish and plants.

See: http://www.alphalink.com.au/~dannj/seozenv.htm


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