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Re: Flight again (was Re: The Lizard of Oz)

I no longer play tennis, but did have a tennis scholarship when I was in
many years ago.  If I remember correctly, the balls had fuzz so they
create enough drag to enable spin to affect the trajectory.  In
competition, it
takes about 5 games to wear the fuzz down to the point where the balls
floating long.  In a five set match you'll usually go through two cans
of balls
and will end the match with balls that are starting to float again.  In
order to
hit a fast serve, you have to put considerable overspin on the ball to
pull it
down, particularly when going for the centerline.  Again, after about 5
you have to start taking speed off the serve to get it into the court.
But from
the sound  of your question, I expect you already knew that.


Tim Williams wrote:

> David Marjanovic
> >A testable opinion of mine that has AFAIK not been tested: Downy
> >are much too short and not stiff enough to exert measurable drag.
> Why do tennis balls have fuzz?