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Re: New References

> Clark, Norell and Barsbold, submitted. Two new oviraptorids (Theropoda: 
> Oviraptorosauria) from the Late Cretaceous Djadokta Formation, Ukhaa Tolgod. 
> Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Mark Norell told me yesterday, this'll be in the June issue. He was down
in Florida studying the skull of _Bambiraptor_. 

It's nice to have such an attractant nearby. Two weeks ago Robert Bakker
was here studying _B_. In his "kiddie" talk, which is more animated than
his one for grownups, asserted _Spinosaurus_ was a swimming ocean going
creature and, as he drew it, pointed out the similarity to a sailfish.
He also asserted that Bambi would glide down from trees.