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RE: Chimeras (was Re: Protoavis & Drepanosauridae (sensu Renesto, 1999)

I'm sorry, but everyone here is missing the point.  It doesn't matter if
Protoavis is a chimera, as long as at least one element is avian.  If even
one bone is from a bird, or protobird, than all bets are off as to how,
when, and from who birds evolved.

Randall Irmis

<<In all the cases of chimeras you cited, the remains were truly scanty
were not found in association. With Protoavis there are lots of different
bones, found in association--enough that one could expect, if there were
than one kind of animal mixed in, to find a few "extras." Of course, it is
always >possible< that by some extraordinary chance none of the bones of any
one individual survived that survived in any of the others. The greater the
number of chimerized individuals, however, the smaller the chance that this
could happen. So if you're going to assert that Protoavis has been put
together out of an archosaur, a bird, a prolacertiform, and a
megalancosaurid, for example, I think you're going >way< out of your way to
debunk the material. I think it's more likely that the tidy little ground-up
scenario that the cladists have put together is wrong, than that Protoavis
that kind of chimera.>>