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> David Marjanovic wrote...
> > A nonavian small archosaur? There is an unnamed coelophysid from Nova
> > Scotia as big as a blackbird (20 cm long)...
> Is this based on one of the captions in David Lambert's _The Ultimate
> Dinosaur_ book, published by that wonderful company Dorling
> Kindersley? :) It accompanies a John Sibbick drawing of two tiny
> coelophysoids chasing what looks like a bluebottle. If so, it's only
> based on trackway evidence - I asked David about this years ago.
> Apparently (and I say again, apparently) there are some Triassic
> theropod tracks there that are about  20 mm long - have these been
> published?
> Sorry folks, there are no skeletal remains of 20 cm long Nova Scotian
> theropod (so far).

Maybe there are:

Don Lessem: Kings of Creation. Simon & Schuster 1992

In Chapter 4 it says that Paul Olsen classified tiny footprints from
Parrsboro in Nova Scotia as dinosaurian. The painting is based on these.
Later (the same year?) he found some half-centimeter-fragments at the beach
of Wassons Bluff nearby and brought them to Jack Horner and Don Baird, who
were able to build a complete dinosaurian cervical vertebra from these. No
mention that it is theropodan or anything more specific, though. But there
was a series on TV about 10 years ago which showed a reconstruction of such
a tiny theropod from the Tr-J boundary in Nova Scotia... fortunately I have
this on video, seems like I have to watch this once more.

However, it is unnamed.

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